Described as “fun with a purpose”,

the course challenges groups and individuals to work together to accomplish a task.

Challenge Course

Beckwith Challenge Course

Our newly renovated ropes course consists of activities that promote and enhance positive interaction between members of your group, challenging folks of all ages. Consisting of both high and low elements, the ropes course is perfect for corporate groups, sports teams, school organizations, and leadership retreats.

Low elements take place on the ground or only a few feet above the ground. High elements are constructed in trees or made of utility poles and require a belay for safety. While the low elements explore group interaction, problem-solving, and leadership, the high elements are designed to explore the fundamentals of trust, craftsmanship, and coaching.

Your group’s experience on the challenge course will be customized to achieve your goals. Our trained facilitators stand ready to assist you in planning the most effective, enjoyable Challenge Course activities.

For more information, or to book a day on the Challenge Course contact Beckwith – 251-928-7844 or


lowcourseSpider Web
Whale Watch
Mountain Tops
Nitro Crossing
TP Shuffle
Water Wheel
Mohawk Walk
The Wall
Swinging Log
Trust Fall

high_courseBurma Bridge
Cat Walk
Heebee Jeebee
Giant’s Ladder
Zip Line
Coming Soon:
Power Pole
Giant Swing

Challenge Course Fees

$20 per person for the low elements only

$30 per person for both low and high elements

$60 per facilitator for ½ day (low elements)

$120 per facilitator for the entire day (low and high elements)


The South Baldwin Chamber Foundation holds an opening retreat each year at Camp Beckwith for its Junior Ambassador Youth Leadership group.  The opening retreat is an opportunity for the students to get to know one another and learn their strengths and challenges.  The students develop a strong bond and are much more effective as a group throughout their year in the Junior Ambassador program.  Beckwith facilitators do an outstanding job with the challenge course, especially taking the time after each challenge to evaluate what went well and what could have been done more effectively.  Students learn trust, respect, patience, teamwork, cooperation, communication, and leadership –  to name a few.  It’s a great experience for any group!